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oxygen facial clean jet peel skin rejuvenation machine

·Feature: Dark Circles, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover
·Model Number: SPA20
·Technolog: Needle Mosothrapy + Vacuum+ Oxygen
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The water & oxygen jet machine applies the air compression theory. It canspray oxygen. therefore, it solves the difficult of anoxia.

The water  & oxygen jet peel facial machine is an effective system, which mixes the water, 98% pure  oxygen and nutrition liquid completely, and in a speed of 200m/s spray out and act on skin. The mixture penetrates epidermis into deep dermis with 50-80μm tiny granules and cleans the follicle and sebaceous gland completely.


1. Clean and lighten skin, make the skin turn whiten.

2. Balance the moisture for the greasy and dry skin.
3. Provide enough oxygen for skin and skin becomes activate. Improve the dim situation of skin and make skin be shinier.
4. Improve Metabolism and easily de-toxin.
5. Prevent the skin be acnes and balance the exudation of greasy.
6. Remove aged spot and sunburn, fine lines and wrinkles.