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lipo laser cavitation rf slimming machine

weight loss,body shaping

lipo laser,cavitation,rf

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Product Detail

1,lipolaser for edema fat

2,cavitation for deep fat

3,radio frequency for wrinkle removal,skin tightening

4,double wavelength 650nm and 980nm

Big advantage:

the laser pads can work together with cavitation or radio frequency handles,will save more time.

Work handle: cavitation for deep fat reduce,it will reduce 2-4cm one time treatment. bipolar radio frequency for eyes around skin lift,pellet design on the top,convenient and comfortable. tripolar radio frequency for face and body skin lift. 6-polar radio frequency with red laser workhead for whole body fat reduce and skin lift.

5.8 lipolaser pads,6 big laser pads and 2 small laser pads,can use at arm,belly and leg fat reduce


1,Radio frequency: 5Mhz

2,Cavitation frequency: 40Khz

3,Lipo laser wavelength: 650nm and 980nm

4,Lipo laser lamp number: total 152 lamps, 24 lamps on big pads, 4 lamps on small pads

5,Screen: 8 inch color touch screen

6,Package size: 55*42*63cm

7,Weight: 25kg